How to Get a Duns Number today … For Free

January 16th, 2013 § 0

Short post here guys but hopefully helpful to those of you who love to whine about Apple and their requirement for a DUNS number.

I have probably read 5 articles over the last month saying people have waited weeks or months or even just “Gave up on getting a DUNS number so they could submit their apps to Apple.

As someone who has always been characterized as both resourceful and impatient I found what I suppose some will call a “hack” several years ago to get a DUNS number for free AND do so quickly (like within one business day).

So for those of you who have spent your time writing Blog Posts instead of figuring out a better way around their system here you are:

My Gift to you

“But Zach this is a form to fill out if you need a DUNS number to bid on a Federal Contract?”

Yes, it is, and you saw that job that fit your company perfectly on their website, remember? And then after you got your newly minted DUNS number for FREE and you realized maybe it was not such a good fit? Oh that’s a shame, because now you have no Government contract and just a lowly DUNS number which can be used any time it is needed for any purpose someone would need a DUNS for. I wonder how you’ll ever make use of that useless number now?

This is what you would do if you had spent your precious time and frustration doing if you had learned problem solving skills in school.

Or maybe if you had just heard of that little site called Google but either way you obviously didn’t. So here it is, put up for you served on a silver platter. And just in case you’re also a bit too lazy to click then link here’s a screenshot of the Result on google for … Wait for it … Wait for it:

Get a DUNS number fast

What a bold search that was!

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 10.21.04 AM

You’re welcome, and good luck in business though in my opinion you’re probably better off sticking to your day job.

On the other hand if at some point in the future you have found this article via Google or DuckDuckGo etc. I commend you. Thanks for being the difference you want to see in the world!

Did this article offend you? Make you happy? Make you sad? Feel less resourceful?  You’re welcome to tell me by commenting  on Hacker News if you so desire.

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